Spinning factory is equipped with the modern high productive equipment of the leading German companies "W. Schlafhorst AG & CO", "Trutzschler GMBH + CO KG Txtilmachinenfabrik", "Zinser", "RIETER Ingolstadt Spinereimaschinenbau AG" for manufacturing of OE yarn of various Nm.
To the present time the enterprise carried out systemic modernization of the Open-End machines "Autocoro 117"  "W. Schlafhorst AG & CO".
In addition to increasing productivity, modernization made it possible to improve physical and mechanical indexes and indicators of the yarn quality.
Weaving production is equipped with warping equipment "BENNINGER" of the German company "Karl Mayer", looms Belgian company "Picanol" and Italian company "SULZER TEXTIL" G 6330

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