The main production of enterprises:
1)    yarn (Nm20-Nm50): pure cotton (Co) and mixed with  PES fiber, both grey and with addition of dyed PES fiber. Also we can produce yarn mixed with viscose and polyacrylonitrile fiber.
Yarn range of application: for weaving (apparel, awning, fabric for shirts, for bed and table linen) and for knitting.
2)    grey fabrics (apparel, awning, industrial, for pipelines ballasting) made of various raw materials with width up to 190 cm and density from 50 up to 400 gr/m².
3)    Wear for special needs for various industries, including on special orders.

High quality personnel working at the enterprise can develop and put on manufacture any other types of yarn and fabrics according to consumers' demands. Capacities of the enterprise allow to obtain additionally 40 tons of yarn per month at the tolling terms.
The system of a quality management corresponding to requirements STB ISO-9001-2009 operates at our enterprise.
All production of the enterprise corresponds to operating technical standard
All the products of the enterprise complies with the applicable technical normative and legal acts, allowed by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus and have the certificate of the state hygienic registration of the Republic of Belarus.

Yarn and fabrics are certified in the national certification system of the Republic of Belarus. Yarn produced by the open-end machines, has received the international certificate of BELCORO on release of high-quality and ecologically clean yarn, which is available on line spinning of the German firm Schlafhorst.
High and stable quality of our products is confirmed by many years of cooperation with the largest enterprises of the light industry not only in Belarus, but also abroad.

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